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Ecological Services

Naturaide provides the following ecological services:

Native plant havens

Naturaide offers property advice and the design and creation of native plant haven projects for private and business properties. Whether it's a site visit for a species assessment, adding a few native plants to your existing garden or an entire lawn to haven replacement, Naturaide will work with you to enhance or create a habitat vital to birds and pollinators

Contact me about creating a haven on your property

Native plant sales

Naturaide is planning to grow all its own native perennials from locally-sourced seed for 2023 projects, allowing for a greater selection and inventory for a variety of applications. Get in touch if you're looking for a certain species! 

2023 Species List

Avian point counts

Naturaide provides an avian point count survey service for individuals or businesses looking to assess species diversity and populations during all seasons

Contact me about avian point count surveys