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Ecological Services

Naturaide provides the following ecological services:

Native plant havens for wildlife

Naturaide offers design, consulting and creation services for gardens, meadows and other areas that benefit birds and pollinators using native, locally-sourced eastern Ontario trees, shrubs and perennials. Whether it's advice on which plant species you can use in your own garden, a small pollinator patch creation or an entire lawn to native plant garden conversion, Hugh will work for you to help enhance or create a haven for biodiversity on your property.

Pricing depends on the services required as well as labour and materials required. Naturaide charges a flat $60/hour labour rate for all designing, consulting and creation work.

Avian point count surveys

Naturaide offers avian point count services for individuals, private businesses and consulting firms looking to determine bird species diversity, populations and interactions. Hugh has extensive experience with bird identification by sight and sound and has worked on several avian field studies across North America.